Racquet Sports Pro Shop

We have a phenomenal racquet stringer and great products at very affordable prices. We can also easily field a specific request for an order of a string or racquet with quick delivery from our wholesaler.

Current Racquets In Stock:

Head Microgel Radical – $100

Head Ti. S6 XL (115) (Strung) No Cover – $90

Tecnifibre TFIT Storm 265 – $80

Babolat Evoke (102) (Strung) (Cover) – $60

Head Ti Radical Elite – $45

Head TI Conquest 108 – $35

Head Damp+ 26″ Junior Racquet – $35

Babolat Nadal 26″ Junior Racquet – $35

Wilson Burn Pink 23″ and 25″ Junior Racquets (2021) – $25

Wilson Federer 23″ and 25″ Junior Racquets – $25

Wilson US Open Junior Racquets – $25

Dunlop Nitro 19″ and 21″ Racquets – $20


Synthetic gut strings in both tan, black, pink and green colors – (full bed $28)

Gamma Glide – ($35 for hybrid with standard synthetic gut)

Solinco Tour Bite -($40 for hybrid with standard synthetic gut)

Tournagut Quasigut Armor 17g (great for elbows) – (full bed $32)

Gamma Synthetic Gut with Wearguard 16g (extra durability) – (full bed $32)

**add $5 to a hybrid stringing with use of Gamma Synthetic Gut or the Quasigut Armor

Other Stuff:

Tourna Rosin Powder

Tourna Grip Bands

Wilson Dampeners

Wilson Overgrips

Cans of high quality red, orange and green balls for the kids!


I love Pickleball Visor

Wilson Tennis Bag

Apparel and Sneakers available upon request

Methods of payment: Cash, Check, Credit, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle. Sales tax added to price.

Please call us at 860-667-2261 or send an email to marshalracquetsports@gmail.com for more information!