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Junior Team Tennis Is Starting Up!



Open Court Time

  • Weekday rates:  $30/hr- 6AM to 8:30 AM
                               $38/hr- 8:30AM to 5:30 PM
                               $48/hr Prime Time-5:30PM to Close
                               Special: Night Owl- $30/hr, no guest fees- 8:30 to close. $45 for 1.5 hours.
  • Weekend rates:  $40/hr- 8:00 AM to Close
  • $10 guest fee per court per day. (except for Night Owl Rate)
  • Inquire about Junior Open Court Rates. When applicable, it is $25 an hour.

Senior Round Robin

  • $14 for members, $19 for non-members. Play three times a week and the third time is half off.

Ladies Round Robin

  • $14 for members, $19 for non-members. Play 4 times and 5th time is free.

“After 8’s” Singles Ladder

  • $20 for members, $25 for non-members.
  • Features players of all skill levels and has a computerized ranking system based on matches and games won, strength of opponent (via their results) and amount of times played. To culminate the ladder, we will be having a tournament at the end of the year with the seedings based on the rankings from the season.

Junior Development Program Fall Session Rates 

Starts September 13th, 2014

13 Weeks

  • Ten and Under Red Ball – $286
  • Beginners 11-18 Years Old – $338
  • Intermediates 11-18 Years Old – $455
  • Advanced (No Age Requirement) – $520

Membership Rates

  • Youth: $60
  • Young Adult: $110
  • Adult (29-62 years old): $160
  • Senior Citizen: $90
  • Family: $210

Payment plans available if necessary.

Consult with Mickey Schlesinger for more details.

Rates subject to change*


The options for participation and programs listed below are some of the most popular amongst the players at our club.  There are others that are going on at the club throughout the weeks and months, but they may only be a one time or temporary thing. Some of these other activities and programs are designed on fairly short notice but will be publicized upon confirmation of structure, set date and cost.Tennis in Newington-page-003

Almost every program, except signing up for a season court, does not necessarily require a membership, though it would save you money every time you came in if you did get a membership.

We offer private and semi-private lessons which could both also be bought in packages of 5 (which would save about $25 total compared to 5 single lessons) and can be taken at your convenience and what would work for the pro. While the club can facilitate this, much of this process requires the pro and customer to speak or otherwise communicate directly to agree on the day and time of each lesson. Most clinics can also be purchased in packages, but they are generally more set in their schedules.

Call the Center at (860) 667-2261, e-mail us at or contact us through Facebook, Twitter or via comment on this website for more information and registration.

Adult Intermediate Clinic

The Adult Intermediate Clinic is held on Thursday from 6-7:30PM and is an increasingly popular program that we are offering.

It is a group clinic, which has seen growth in the recent past and isn’t as expensive as a private lesson. If you consider yourself an intermediate and are rusty or are just simply interested in getting better while having a good time with like-minded players, this is for you.

Co-ed class and generally around the 3.0 level or so, but there aren’t any requirements for participation.

Junior Development Program

Want to sign up your child or children for group lessons with kids of similar age and skill level? We have all the bases covered at the Newington Tennis Center. We have 3 program sessions each year. It is okay for you to bring in your child once to see how he/she likes it and pay a one time fee. You can continue to do this throughout the season with some notice given.

Tennis in Newington-page-004

Fall Session: 9/13/2014 – 12/19/2014

Winter Session: 1/3/2015 – 3/17/2015

Spring Session: 3/24/2015 – 6/16/2015

Ten and Under’s

Red Ball (4 to 8 years old)

  • Focuses on development of tennis based skills using methods to encourage rallying with modified play for children in this age group.
  • 50 minute class, once a week
  • Wednesday 4:00-4:50 or Saturday 12:00-12:50

Orange and Green Ball (8-10 years old)

  • Advances work on technique and begins focus on formative strategies for match play, typically for players which have completed the Red Ball program.
  • One hour class, once a week
  • Monday 4:00-5:00, Wednesday 4:00-5:00 or Saturday 11:00-12:00.

Classes For 11-18 Year Olds


  • Class designed for beginners of an older age. Instructing strategies thus differ, but the fundamentals taught are similar. Technique is most important here…so kids who may have gotten a late start to tennis can quickly be able to play consistently and be able to rally with friends or opponents in a match.
  • One hour class, once a week
  • Monday, Thursday or Sunday 5:00-6:00


  • Classes designed to generally get kids to play at a higher level and become more ready for future match situations. More advanced instruction on technique provided, with additional varieties of shots taught and strategies stressed at a higher level.
  • 90 minute classes, once a week
  • Tuesday or Friday 4:00-5:30

High School Prospects

  • This is a clinic reserved for players whom are preparing to play for their high school team in the near or immediate future.
  • Please call-in to reserve a spot.


  • No specific age group, but primarily in the 13-18 range. Skill level more important than age.
  • For middle to high end High School players and/or USTA tournament players
  • Focuses on match play, strategy, concentration and fitness. Much more intensive in all facets, including technique.
  • Two hour long classes, once a week
  • Tuesday or Thursday 4:00-6:00

Contact us for more information: