After 8’s Second Annual Tournament

The Newington Tennis Center is looking into setting up the 2nd Annual Newington Tennis Center Open. The hybridized tournament of last year worked very well and we will probably set it up similarly this year to ensure that we maximize participants.

Although it is May, the tournament structure process for the year is still in its infancy and we hope to finalize everything soon.

Please call, e-mail or otherwise contact us to voice your interest in playing and which days of the week would be best for you and we will try and accommodate you.


It is unlikely that the defending champion, me, will be playing this year. I have been sidelined with numerous injuries since I hurt my wrist last summer and haven’t been able to play. Coaching takes precedent anyway…but then again, who knows.


Junior Programs for the Holidays

Holiday Junior Programs


Holiday Doubles Round Robin

holiday doubles round robin


Special Holiday Rates for Members and Non-Members!

holiday promo

Junior Team Tennis Is Starting Up!


Newington Tennis Center Doubles Tournament is Today!

We have the draw and format set, and other players/teams will be coming in to hit on open courts and fill in if necessary. Feel free to come by and check it out.

Start time is 3:00 PM.

The Season is Winding Down

Unfortunately, the tennis season at the center is nearing its finale. Technically speaking, next week is the last week for our season courts. Many have make-ups from snow over the winter or other reasons, so they will be coming in afterwards, but it is still a sad time for the workers here.

We sincerely enjoy your company and see everyone as friends. Perhaps some of us will run into others elsewhere over the summer, but the experience at the center will be sorely missed.

In any event, the JDP sessions are mostly running through the beginning of June. Because of this, if there is a rainy day and you would like to come in, you may be able to. Try to give us a bit of notice though so we can accommodate you.

I know for sure that I will be able to work the desk Tuesdays because I will be working JDP there from 4-5:30..but I would still like to know in advance if I should stay afterwards or not. If it is already raining or is forecasted to rain, I will probably hang out awhile just to see if people call in.

Also, I am looking into running something every once in a while during the night, maybe some sort of open hitting session where people can just figure out what they want to do when they come in, or an occasional mini-tournament. I’d like some feedback on what would be best for the most amount of people..but I am leaning towards something on Friday nights. It would be very cheap.

We Are Having A Doubles Tournament On May 17th! Sign Up!

On Saturday May 17th, we will be hosting an open doubles tournament here at the tennis center.

It will only be $15 dollars per person, and we will have pizza and other refreshments available free of charge. It definitely will not be single elimination, but the exact format is to be determined.

Right now, we are planning on running the tournament from 3-6 PM, but are open to suggestions and will play it by ear. Staff would be happy to stay later if players would like to hit afterwards.

We are expecting that most players that will be interested in playing will be somewhere in the 3.5-4.5 range, but are not limiting registrants to this range and will accommodate other players by having a separate division if there are enough players for it.

Call in or otherwise contact us if you are interested in playing. Hope to hear from you soon.

U.S. Open Bus Trip with the Newington Tennis Center

Every summer, we offer a bus trip to the U.S. Open from the Newington Tennis Center. A bunch of people do it every summer and it is always a great time. First, everyone meets at the tennis center for “breakfast type” refreshments then they board the bus and travel together to the U.S. Open.

Depending on availability, you can buy as many tickets as you want, so it is great for your office, family and friends. The tickets are general admission and you can choose to travel with others from the Newington Tennis Center from match to match or just wander off as long as you are in contact and don’t miss the bus (unless you have other return or NY plans).

Call the center (860-667-2261) or e-mail us at and we will let you know about anything you would like to find out about. The tournament is in August, but tickets through the center often sell fairly early so if you are interested and want to reserve, contact us ASAP.


Junior Open Court Rates

One of our most utilized open court times is via the Junior Open Court Rate. The following is a breakdown of how it works:

  • $25/hr for members.
  • Available from Monday through Friday, all day until 5:30 PM.
  • Available Saturday and Sunday 12:00PM to Close (based on availability).
  • If you have a junior who is a member of one of our JDP programs, they are automatically members of the club and you can utilize this rate. You cannot utilize this rate if you have a junior who is a member and you are not, and they are not with you to play at the time that you come in. If you are playing with them then that is fine.

Call in for more information if you want clarification on anything.

Saturday’s High School Round Robin A Success!

We would just like to thank all of those who participated in the Doubles Round Robin on Saturday.

There was a great turnout of both boys and girls teams with great competition and sportsmanship shown by all. Around 30 players came by the tennis center, which was great to see.

No matter the outcomes, it was a great warm-up for the upcoming high school tennis season for everyone that played. It’s one thing to always play against the same people, but it is a completely different experience to play against people that you may not have seen before, especially right before a new season.

There was unanimously positive feedback from the players and parents who attended…and we’re sure that the complimentary pizza and refreshments didn’t hurt. The salad provided was eaten pretty thoroughly too, which was a good sign for the nutritional awareness of the region’s young and rising athletes.

Again, thank you to all that came by. We hope to see you soon in the future and good luck during the season!

High School Doubles Round Robin

This Saturday (3/15/14), we will be hosting a High School Doubles Round Robin.

The Round Robin will be open to all interested doubles teams (boys, girls and co-ed), and will be held from 4:00-6:00 PM.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided and included in your registration fee.

There are teams signed up already so sign up as soon as possible!

Call in, e-mail or register in person at the desk to ensure your team has a spot.