Features Of The NTC

The Newington Tennis Center prides itself on providing quality services, all the while being a comfortable place to play tennis and relax. Customer service is paramount to us and we try to respond to patrons in a friendly, respectful and courteous manner, as well as interact with them as the friends to us that they are. Many of our employees have been here for years and have developed quite a rapport with those they have come across and even if you are new to the Center, we are sure that you will leave pleased and satisfied with how you have been treated during your stay.
We often host USTA Tournaments and League Matches in addition to our regularly scheduled programs and events. Feel free to come by to check us out and watch some great tennis!

  • USTA Member Club
  • CATCO (CT Assoc. of Tennis Club Operators) Member
  • Six championship courts; plexi-pave surface
  • Latest full-court, no glare lighting and sky-lights provide excellent visibility
  • Full 22-foot separation and divider net between courts
  • Attractive and spacious lounge and viewing areas
  • Large dressing rooms with showers & sauna
  • Skilled professionals offering group and private lessons
  • Open Court Time available for both Members and Non-Members
  • Quality racquet stringing and grips

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