Season Update: Summer Rates and Doubles Tournament Results

The Season Is Over (But Not Really)

Time has flown by

Junior development programs will be continuing into the second week of June, but most other programs are pretty much done at this point. Despite this however, we will remain open with staff on hand from at least 10AM-2PM to take possible reservations in the case of rain.

Summer rates will be $26 an hour. Please try to call in or otherwise contact us if you want to reserve a court at a certain time. On Tuesdays for example, there is a JDP class from 4-5:30. If told in advance, staff would be willing to stay open for court reservations afterwards.

Again, please call in between 10AM and 2PM, contact us through Facebook or e-mail us at or at

Doubles Tournament

We had a great time during the Newington Tennis Center Doubles Open last Saturday.

This first round of matches was best of 7 games, the second round of matches was a full set and the third round of matches was two out of three sets.

It was set-up to ensure that every team played exactly three matches. The finals consisted of Joel Magsayo and Dennis Gan facing off against Ben Doolittle and John Augsback. In a tightly contested match, the team of Doolittle and Augsback prevailed after winning a second set tiebreak.

Congratulations to both teams for excellent performances and to all other participants for great competitive sportsmanship. You guys left behind too many slices of pizza though.

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