U.S. Open Bus Trip Update

There are only 8 tickets remaining for our annual bus trip to the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows. If you would like a ticket for yourself or would like to purchase multiple tickets for a friend or a group of friends, please call in as soon as you can. We always end up selling all of the tickets so do not hesitate or you might get left without.

There will be complimentary refreshments before the bus leaves. There might even be some courts available to play on after the fact if watching inspires you.

Updated Junior Development Stuff and Saturday Monte Carlo Semi-Final Results (4/19/14)

Junior Development

If you have a child that would like to join a session, it is not too late. Just because the session is underway doesn’t mean that they cannot play. You can always pay the “drop-in” rate, which varies depending on the exact program and length thereof that they would be participating in.

Monte Carlo

  • Stan The Man defeated Ferrer in straights. It is quite the surprise to me, as Ferrer is a beast on clay while Stan isn’t all that consistent on it. Furthermore, Stan’s showing in doubles with Fed was borderline embarassing. He is bouncing back like a champion should and beat Ferrer 6-1; 7-6. One has to wonder that Ferrer wasn’t mentally sharp after riding the wave of beating Nadal, or was a bit physically beat up compared to Wawrinka who had advanced to his previous match through walkover.
  • In the other semi’s match, Federer faces off yet again against Djokovic. At the moment it is 4-4 and is anyone’s match. As I wrote in the analysis of their previous showdown, smart money is on a three set match or a match with at least one 7-5 or 7-6 set (or both).

Don’t Forget Your Make-Up Days

If you reading this and are a junior (or the parent of a junior) that is entitled to a makeup, don’t forget to inquire about when the make up can be had. Generally, it is the week after the JDP session ends.

Also, if you are on a season court and have one or more make-ups, you can make them up whenever a court is available, for the amount of time that your season court plays for.

We should have everything on record, but call us to inquire if you are not sure or want to confirm a date for your make-up.

Tennis Tips Volume III: Playing Tennis Outdoors

You won’t be playing here..but you will be outdoors eventually (if not already)

Sure, one can say that “tennis is tennis”, but that isn’t a very accurate axiom as playing outdoors can be far different than playing indoors (especially in the comfortable confines of our wonderful tennis center).

It is even more important in outdoor settings to pace your energy and stay hydrated, as fatigue can become even more of a factor than it normally would. As the temperature rises, so does the importance of mastering the art of energy reservation and hydration. Even if you do not feel thirsty, get something to drink every opportunity that you have. You do not want to get caught in the middle of a long game (or pair of games) before a turnover being thirsty because it could end up costing you.

Bring all of them

Another essential part of playing outdoors is simply knowing your environment. The court can get hot and there is less uniformity to outdoor courts than there is for indoor courts. Some are going to play far faster than other and some are going to be affected by wind more than others. Be cognizant of this and prepare accordingly. In strong winds you should tailor your game a bit differently in general and especially depending on which direction of the wind you are facing. This could be the difference between victory and defeat in a close match.


More Accolades For Our Junior Teams

Our 10 and under and 14 and under junior teams have reached the districts!

It goes without saying that they have played great tennis. Hopefully it will continue and they will be successful during the high level of competition in districts and beyond.

Stay focused and don’t just be happy to be there. Play to win!


Tomas Berdych on Different Surfaces, Rain Delays and Other Pros

Found this short but interesting interview with Tomas Berdych that I thought would be helpful for people to read as the outdoor season is nearby and different surfaces will be played on much more than the past six months or so, and he also provides opinions on fellow ATP Tour players.

When you change surfaces, are there parts of your body that feel it more and which need protecting?
Yes, of course. It’s different for the movement, especially for me because I’m a tall guy and it’s more difficult. Especially the change from clay to grass, that’s the biggest change that you can feel in your body because on the grass you have to really move different and be really low, especially for me even more. That means that you feel it more in your hamstrings and lower back as well.

You have to do different exercises to be ready for this and be prepared. It goes hand in hand that as I’m tall, and you need to bend very low and bend the knees, that you use your legs more.

During a rain delay, or in instances where you’re not sure exactly when your match is going to start, how do you stay warm and match ready?
It really depends on the forecast. It’s hard to always find out how it’s going to be, but if it looks like it’s going to be a long time, you go for a complete change: stay dry, take the ankle tape off as though the match were over.

Then, when the time comes, you go through the same preparation again. If the rain is on and off, or you expect that it’s going to be much faster, I just try to stay warm, change my t-shirt, and my shorts if I’ve got really sweaty.

If it’s cold, it’s different. Like if you play in the States, it’s a lot more humid and you might get a thunderstorm. So you just really need to stay dry and warm, nothing special. Just sit there, try and find some quiet spot.

Which player on tour do you think…
Has the best footwork? Novak Djokovic
Has the greatest muscular endurance? Rafael Nadal
Is the quickest? Gael Monfils
Is the most flexible? Gael Monfils
Has the strongest core? Rafael Nadal
Has the best balance? Andy Murray

Credits to Form And Fitness Presented By COMPEED® and Kate Flory.

U.S. Open Bus Trip with the Newington Tennis Center

Every summer, we offer a bus trip to the U.S. Open from the Newington Tennis Center. A bunch of people do it every summer and it is always a great time. First, everyone meets at the tennis center for “breakfast type” refreshments then they board the bus and travel together to the U.S. Open.

Depending on availability, you can buy as many tickets as you want, so it is great for your office, family and friends. The tickets are general admission and you can choose to travel with others from the Newington Tennis Center from match to match or just wander off as long as you are in contact and don’t miss the bus (unless you have other return or NY plans).

Call the center (860-667-2261) or e-mail us at ntcstaff@sbcglobal.net and we will let you know about anything you would like to find out about. The tournament is in August, but tickets through the center often sell fairly early so if you are interested and want to reserve, contact us ASAP.


Junior Team Tennis End Of The Season Results

I just want to congratulate everyone for an outstanding season. Here’s how we did:
10’s: Ranked first and ahead by 105 games of Farmington Farms
12’s: Due to insufficient number of players we withdrew.
14’s: Ranked first ahead of Manchester by 18 games. That could change…as some teams have not yet entered all their scores yet.
18’s: Ranked second behind Farmington Valley by 30 games.
Again, let me congratulate the players and the parents for your dedication and hard work! We’ve come a long way together as a team and we will become even better in the future. Team practice will be running at the same time: Saturday 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. I encourage you to attend, especially high school players. The goal is to play year round, if possible.
Thank you and see you on the court!
-Byram Tamri and The Newington Tennis Center