Welcome to the Newington Tennis Center!

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4/14/2021: We are currently setting up Summer Lessons for both children and adults. Please call in for more information.

New USTA/CDC guidelines are dictating mask use for doubles play and group lessons. If you are playing singles or when you are by yourself on one side of the court during the lesson then a mask is not mandatory.

USTA Guidelines: https://www.usta.com/en/home/stay-current/national/usta-statement-on-safety-of-playing-tennis-during-the-covid-19-v.html

Covid 19 Update August 28th, 2020:

We are happy to announce that the Tennis Center will reopen on September 8th, 2020 for all our programs: Season Court Time, Junior Development Program, Senior Round Robin, Ladies Round Robin, After 8’s Singles Ladder, Open Court time for guests and members and more.

Face masks are required when entering and temperature will be taken by a staff member. Please maintain social distancing from other members and staff. Please keep your mask on at all times when you are in lobby and do not remove it until you are on the court.  Keep social distancing while on court.  No social gatherings are allowed in the lobby.  Use of locker rooms is not allowed. Restrooms will be available one at a time for now. It is highly recommended to pay for your court-time in advance over the phone at the time of reservation. We will have paperwork for you to sign upon your first entrance.


It is with much appreciation that we welcome you to our website!

The Newington Tennis Center is located right on the Newington/Wethersfield line off of the Berlin Turnpike on Prospect Street in Newington, Connecticut.

We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and safe environment for the wonderful tennis players, their families and friends, for general tennis fans and supporters from across the country that come through our doors. We have been a staple in the community for decades and passionately serve those of all ages and abilities from throughout the state and region with friendly and personable staff off the court as well as engaging and skilled professionals on the court.

Tennis in Newington-page-001With the wonder of the digital age and the internet, anyone interested in sports, and tennis specifically, should keep tabs on our site for help on their game, reviews of some tournaments and big matches, as well as each player, and other entertaining tidbits and articles that may suit your fancy. We encourage any and everyone to comment on what we put up and we will be sure to respond and carry on the conversation. It could get pretty interesting when more advice and match/player reviews get posted. Again, we would love to have a back and forth with you.

And of course, if you have interest in or already are frequenting our facility, some of the information on here will be more relevant to you on a day-to-day basis.

We appreciate you for checking us out and hope to hear from and see you soon!

**To access our main, primary information, please click the red button with white dashes at the top of the page. This will cause a menu to drop-down**

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